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The wonder and weirdness of going viral.

On 28th March, this website got nominated for a couple of Roses awards. Thanks judges! The next day a few people tweeted about how much they liked my site. Fast forward 10 days and I had hundreds of emails in my inbox, my Linked In message box was creaking, I had 20 times as many twitter followers and a bloke on the phone from my web hosting provider was telling me that I’d crashed one of their servers.

Highlights of this 2 weeks of madness included:

  • An interview with Adweek with the most flattering headline of all time.
  • Mentions on It’s Nice That and Hover States.
  • Praise from Dave Trott.
  • Someone creating an animated gif of my entire site.

But perhaps the nicest thing was getting lovely emails from total strangers, such as this one:

“So, I’m sitting at work on a Saturday (sigh) eating leftovers for lunch and scrolling through my Facebook feed to see how great the lives of my friends are when a link pops up to your site

I’m over the other side of the world, my agency doesn’t need a copywriter and I should really be writing a baby toy brand strategy right now, but I just wanted to take five minutes to say – love your site, man.



Thanks everyone. It’s been a lot of fun.

Have you stepped into an award-winning design studio?

Have you stepped into an award-winning design studio?
Look for these 17 giveaway signs in 2017.

  1. You’re in a tasteful mill/factory/church conversion.
  2. Several very expensive road bikes are hanging on the wall.
  3. Radio 6 Music is playing.
  4. There are beards.
  5. An eager intern is asking you if they can get you a drink.
  6. An awards trophy from the noughties is being used as a doorstop.
  7. There’s a white IKEA Expedit bookcase full of Laurence King and Phaidon books.
  8. There’s a pile of Howies catalogues on it too.
  9. There’s a shelf full of pencil-shaped statuettes and slabs of glass.
  10. People are sniffing the pages of new print as if that’s a normal thing to do.
  11. Someone’s walking around with a camera.
  12. A pile of D&AD annuals are being used as a laptop stand.
  13. There’s decent 120gsm paper in the printer.
  14. There’s a mural.
  15. You can smell proper coffee.
  16. Plastic Japanese action figures worth a fortune on ebay are sitting on people’s desks.
  17. No one has any idea when the Creative Director is next going to be free. Or indeed where they are.

Introducing ‘The Agency Crap Pot Plant Diary 2017’

Just produced these as a mailer for my advertising and design agency clients. 12 shots of hopeless horticulture collated over 5 years in the North’s top agencies. Design by Caslon & Co. Want one on your desk? Of course you do. Then buy yours here [SORRY – SOLD OUT. Email me if you’re desperate for one!].

UPDATE March 2017 – This was nominated in Best Item of Self-Promotion at the Roses Creative Awards.

3-diaries-in-pile-medium bw-spread-medium hub-plant-medium red-diary-solo-medium spines-medium

How I helped push trucks

I recently wrote some ads for DAF, which are running in trucking magazines. Not a subscriber to Commercial Motors? Don’t worry. You can see them right here. Created with A&P.




Getting festive with Manchester City

Manchester City wanted a line for their big festive promotion and went with my “Festive Face Off”. The poster outside the ground is massive! Produced with Absolute.

Manchester City Etihad wrap

Festival of Light

I helped B&W Studio with this nice identity for The National Media Museum’s Festival of Light. Name, strapline and copy by me. Plus, I swear to god, I came up with the same visual prism concept as Graham, but he’d already started visualising it, so I can’t really claim that one! Anyway, it did a great job and picked up a nomination and a silver at The Roses Awards.






A road to nowhere

Need a temporary road? Trackway will build you one. They provide systems for music festivals, equestrian shows, construction sites and people who need to get heavy equipment out to broken mobile phone masts that are halfway up a mountain.  Campaign done with Arris.

Trackway ads_Page_1Trackway ads_Page_2

New designer tiles campaign

One of the great joys of being a freelance copywriter is swanning up at a design agency, adding 5 words to a beautiful ad concept and then being credited as copywriter. Easy life. This one was by those very talented people at Absolute for their client Roccia.

UPDATE: May 2016 – This campaign picked up a Bronze at the Roses Awards



We’re live!

Massive thanks for the design and build of this website go to those incredibly clever people at Music. The whole project was a thoroughly enjoyable collaboration, which started with a scribbled idea on a pad and ended up with animated gifs of cats answering the phone. And that’s not something I type very often.