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Have you stepped into an award-winning design studio?

Have you stepped into an award-winning design studio?
Look for these 17 giveaway signs in 2017.

  1. You’re in a tasteful mill/factory/church conversion.
  2. Several very expensive road bikes are hanging on the wall.
  3. Radio 6 Music is playing.
  4. There are beards.
  5. An eager intern is asking you if they can get you a drink.
  6. An awards trophy from the noughties is being used as a doorstop.
  7. There’s a white IKEA Expedit bookcase full of Laurence King and Phaidon books.
  8. There’s a pile of Howies catalogues on it too.
  9. There’s a shelf full of pencil-shaped statuettes and slabs of glass.
  10. People are sniffing the pages of new print as if that’s a normal thing to do.
  11. Someone’s walking around with a camera.
  12. A pile of D&AD annuals are being used as a laptop stand.
  13. There’s decent 120gsm paper in the printer.
  14. There’s a mural.
  15. You can smell proper coffee.
  16. Plastic Japanese action figures worth a fortune on ebay are sitting on people’s desks.
  17. No one has any idea when the Creative Director is next going to be free. Or indeed where they are.