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Make them shout “BASTARDS!” Three ways to win a D&AD Writing For Design pencil.

This year, I was asked to be on the Writing For Design jury at the D&AD awards, which was pretty damn cool. So I jumped on the train down to London and spent a fascinating day with 5 clever, passionate writers from all sorts of different backgrounds. The day gave me a few insights into the judging process and I thought I’d share a few bits of advice on the sort of work you need to be doing if you want to pick up an award.

Winning a pencil actually boils down to one simple thing: Making the judges shout “BASTARDS!”

 Your ultimate aim is to make judges so insanely jealous that their only logical and rational reaction is to punch a nearby wall and swear at the top of their voices. You need to be doing work they wish they’d done. You need to be doing something so clever, simple and “just right” that they can’t believe no one has come up with it before.

It’s also relatively straightforward to describe the sort of work that’s going to achieve that, because it falls into 3 broad categories:

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